Student Admission

  • Maintaining all details of student
  • Inquiry for admission, all reports
  • Division/teacher’s catalog management
  • Renew student from year to year.

Class Management

  • Attendance of student( feed by each class teacher)
  • Cumulative attendance feeding(all class attendance through single window)
  • Roll no. management


  • Bonafide certificates with photograph of student
  • Every student linked with General register scan copy to verify information before issuing certificate.
  • School Leaving Certificates.

Store Management

  • Entry of book or any items into store.
  • Report of items purchased, remaining items in store, issued and sale items.
  • Purchase of all items

Time Table

  • Time table generation.
  • Schoolwise, Classwise, Teacherwise timetable report
  • Substation and bulletin book


  • Add /purchase books and other and all reports
  • Issue and return book
  • Due calculation


  • Salary register, pay slip
  • staff leave management & Staff attendance management
  • PF, PT, TDS Register


  • Add Chapter to each subject with deadline
  • Teacher entry on completion of chapter and Syllabus completion analysis
  • Teacher daily activity entry and register.

General Register Management

  • General register entry for old record.
  • Complete report print and export to excel
  • Uploading scan images of any document to student & filter of general register


  • Assigning fees to student
  • Reports- Paid fee, pending fee, total assign fee (class wise, division wise, school wise), due/late fee collection report
  • All type of fee structure setting

Search Of Records

  • Year wise, class wise, division wise student list ( print and export to excel)
  • Gender wise, cast wise, category wise, religion wise list of student
  • List of student with custom information.


  • Bus entry, driver, attendant information
  • Assign route and stop to each bus & assign bus to students
  • All report related to combination of bus, route, stop, class, division

Exam & Result Management

  • Exam structure creation
  • Marks & remarks feeding by teacher
  • All analytical report ( gender wise, grade wise, pass/fail/promoted wise combination with category and religion)

Inward/Outward Lettering

  • Inward letter entry with uploading scan image of letter
  • Outward letter entry with uploading scan image of letter
  • Searching

Staff Management

  • All & academic details of staff
  • Class/subject teacher can access information of student of his/her own class only, access marks of student of all subject, mark attendance of his/her own class and Class/subject teacher can feed remark for report card

ID Card Module

  • Uploading student images ( bulk uploading)
  • Printing ID card of student with all design

Principal Desk

  • Showing all transaction of school day wise.
  • Showing UDISE report at any date

SMS & E-Mail

  • Absentee SMS ( with name of student)
  • Bulk SMS for notices, notification, Birthday SMS, Pending fee reminder & Group SMS


  • Voucher Entries, Ledger Creation, Cashbook, Trial Balance, Ledger Summary
  • Bank Reconcillation Income & Expenditure, Statement & Balance Sheet

Records Of Students

  • Student's all information on single page year by year
  • All Of students records about their result and performace